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Tickled Pink Productions

Shows in Care Homes & Primary Schools

 TO BOOK CALL FREE 0800 222 9074

November - February

The Wizard of Oz is touring the UK from November through to February, with 4 performers, a beautiful set which will transform your space into the wonderful world of Oz and all your favourite songs to sing-along. This is a much bigger show than the other Tickled Pink Shows and an event to invite family and friends and even use as a fund-raiser.£250+vat

"Content was excellent, very appropriate to the age group." The Oaks

                        Since we began in 2002 we have performed in over 1500 care homes, day centres, community halls and retirement clubs across the country. We would like to share some ideas we have picked up along the way. Why not try some or all of them...

1) Always display the free posters so family, friends, staff, and of course residents can look forward to the show.2) Invite family and friends to come along – the more the merrier.3) Before the show, move the chairs into rows facing the area we will perform in. This gives the room a theatre feel and will feel different to usual. It’s especially good if the residents come into the room after we have set our screen as this makes it feel more like a trip to the theatre.4) To make it a really special occasion serve an alcoholic drink (or otherwise) before hand.5) Get all the staff involved and watching so you can help the residents enjoy the show.6) Before the show, play music from the era of the show and dress up in that style – hats and boas always get the party started.7) After the show; have a special party lunch / dinner so it becomes a really special occasion.8) Take photos and display them around the home – some homes use these in their newsletters and some have invited the press!9) Don’t forget to always show the actors where to set up and which toilets they can use & a cup of tea to a thirsty singer is worth its weight in gold!10) Have fun and join in with the singing. 

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, so if you introduce a new home to us, who then book any of our shows, as a thank you, we will give you a £20 voucher to use off your next show. There are no restrictions as to how many homes you introduce to us, or any time limits in which to use your voucher.

The easiest way to spread the word is to email all the homes in your group a link to our website - don't forget to remind them to tell you when they have booked.Call free 0800 222 9074